Tickets urban string »don’t push the sound«,  in Hamburg

Tickets für urban string »don’t push the sound« 25.09.20 in Hamburg, resonanzraum St. Pauli

Freitag 25.09.20
Einlass: 20:00, Beginn: 21:00
resonanzraum St. Pauli, Bunker Feldstraße – Feldstraße 66, 20359 Hamburg

Tickets zu urban string »don’t push the sound« Hamburg

Normalpreis 16,75 € 
Ermäßigt 11,50 € 


And he came down in the morning and he said, »I know you have no system, but what is your secret?« And I said to him, »Well, Karlheinz, I have no secret but if I could say anything to you, I advise you to leave the sounds alone; don't push them; because they're very much like human beings - if you push them, they push you back. So if I have a secret it would be, 'don't push the sounds'.« And he leaned over me and he said, »Not even a little bit?«. (Morton Feldman)

Nika Son, DJ
Ensemble Resonanz

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